The vision of Boreas Natural Gas is to become the preeminent natural gas fuels and solutions platform in the United States and significantly contribute to the diversification of the energy supply matrix for the American economy.

The mission of Boreas Natural Gas is to provide its customers with customized, high valued-added products and services safely, reliably and at a fair price. Boreas Natural Gas will achieve this mission by employing the best-in- business technical and management professionals exemplifying the highest degree of integrity, commitment, intellectual honesty.

Boreas Natural Gas will always be guided by the following values and principles:

Safety. We conduct all of our activities and operations with strict adherence to safety codes and standards. No amount of profit can ever justify any harm to another human being or the environment.

Respect and decency. We believe in the immeasurable value of human dignity and its positive transformative effects on our lives. We treat all people including our customers, partners and employees with the utmost respect and decency. 

Fairness.  We are fair in our dealings with our customers and partners.  We believe that fairness is the foundation of long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Positive impact. We believe we can all make a difference. Each of us strives to make a measurable positive impact on the lives of our customers, partners, and employees as well as on our environment through our products and services.

Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards and always strive for the harder right than settling for the easier wrong. We choose to work with colleagues, partners and customers with the same impeccable sense of integrity.

Accountability. Every member of our team fully understands his/her role in the organization and is accountable for his/her actions and their consequences.

Sense of ownership. Each of us, no matter rank or tenure, performs our activities to achieve the company's overall mission rather than being bound by the limitations of our job descriptions. 

Entrepreneurial spirit. We constantly think of ‘that which not yet been thought’ and do not fear trying new ways of doing things to improve our craft, performance and industry.