Boreas Natural Gas is a natural gas fuels products and services company specializing in customized turnkey solutions for its customers. Boreas provides its customers with advisory and consulting, operational and maintenance, and engineering and construction services throughout the natural gas fuels value chain.

Boreas Natural Gas has strong technical and operational experience and expertise in:

  • LNG/CNG fuel sourcing
  • Natural gas fuels transportation solutions
  • LNG/CNG equipment specification and design
  • Design, construction, operation and maintenance of LNG production plants and LNG, L-CNG and CNG fueling facilities
  • Customized fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure for temporary or permanent use
  • Design and execution of virtual pipeline solutions for industrial users
  • Pipeline repair and peak-shaving projects
  • Environmental credit generation, tracking and monetization
  • Safety and regulatory compliance
  • Evaluation and due diligence services for strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions and financial investments